Every year more than 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with chronic pain. Chronic back pain is one of the most common conditions being diagnosed. Many people talk about using CBD for back pain, but does it work? CBD helps manage chronic back pain.

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

When pain and inflammation are left to fester, nerve damage often occurs, which results in chronic pain. Chronic pain is an incurable condition that requires active management.

Chronic back pain, in particular, can be a result of many things. If you have had a prolonged injury in and around the back and spine, it’s possible that this is the cause of your chronic back pain. If you are a former athlete, live an active lifestyle, or continue to put your back under any kind of consistent physical stress, any of these activities could be the cause of your chronic back pain.

When a person is diagnosed with chronic back pain, there are a number of things a medical practitioner might recommend. Oftentimes, a stretching or light fitness routine are suggested, both of which help to improve your range of motion. NSAIDS, or anti-inflammatories, may also be suggested to help limit pain. Sometimes, heat and ice are also recommended.

CBD For Back Pain: The Research

There is a plethora of research supporting the connection between CBD and back pain.

In as early as 2008, researchers were exploring the relationship between CBD and generalized pain relief. One study, in particular, suggests that CBD helps to alleviate difficult to treat pain. More specifically, participants in the study suffered from a range of conditions and experienced pain due to cancer, peripheral neuropathic pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. In this study, CBD was found to be an effective pain reliever.

Studies also show that CBD helps to relieve neuropathic pain.

In one study, participants with multiple sclerosis (a disease that attacks nerves), found relief with cannabinoid-based medications. This study demonstrates the overall potential of cannabinoids and CBD on potential nervous system damage, which occurs in chronic pain.

In another study, conducted in 2012, scientists found that cannabinoids target α3 glycine receptors. This specific targeting means that cannabinoids suppress inflammation and neuropathically on the most biological level. This specificity suggests that cannabinoids are incredibly effective.

Manage Chronic Back Pain With CBD

The back and spine are unique in that this part of the body is so intertwined with all movement. This makes it hard to realistically rest your pain-riddled back.

Use CBD for back pain because of its potential. Rather than turning to temporary fixes, like NSAIDS, look to CBD for its reparative benefits. With CBD you can start to address your chronic back pain rather than simply (an ineffectively) masking it. You can truly manage back pain with CBD.

Try CBD for Back Pain Today

Are you ready to start actively managing your chronic back pain? Try CBD for back pain today – you won’t believe how much CBD will improve your quality of life and levels of pain.

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