New CBD Capsules

We are excited to release new CBD Capsules in larger quantities; 30 count, 50 count, and 100 count.

Enjoy more of your favorite CBD capsules while saving money in your wallet. Larger quantities not only provide more product, but the price per milligram will decrease as well. If you thought Infinite CBD was affordable before, these new prices will further help you improve your quality of life.

Buy More, Save More

With the savings you get from new 30, 50 and 100 count quantities, stock the fridge with healthy foods, take a self-care day, join a gym, or buy more Infinite CBD. Whatever you choose to do with the savings, your body with thank you.

New CBD Capsules

Larger quantities will now be offered in all Capsule variations; Isolate, A.M. and P.M.

Isolate Capsules

An Isolate CBD Capsule is packed with only the most pure CBD isolate on the market and coconut oil. With only two ingredients, an Isolate Capsule is a natural and precise way to consume a daily amount of CBD. With an exact amount of CBD in every capsule, never worry about how much CBD you are taking.
Easily add an Isolate Capsule to your regular supplement routine or keep in your gym bag, purse, or backpack for on-the-go consumption.

A.M. Capsules

A.M. Capsules are our favorite product on those days when getting out of bed is a little harder or we suffer the afternoon slump. This unique combination of CBD isolate and caffeine provides the perfect amount of energy without jitters or a crash. Next time you don’t have time to consume a cup of coffee or tea, opt for an A.M. Capsule.
Keep A.M. Capsules at the office, consume before the gym, or stash in your briefcase for that afternoon meeting. Say hello to energy.

P.M. Capsules

What could naturally be better for sleep than a P.M. Capsule; CBD and melatonin? The answer is nothing. A P.M. Capsule works to keep sleep cycles in balance so you sleep better. A combination of CBD and melatonin naturally work with the body to promote sleep. During travels use a P.M. Capsule to prevent jet lag and adjust to the time difference.