Will CBD pills help me sleep?

Every now and then, most of us toss and turn for hours at night thinking about our responsibilities, obligations, needs, wants, etc. Unfortunately, this can result in receiving an inadequate amount of sleep that could negatively affect everyday functions. This leads to the question of will CBD pills help me sleep? Currently, most people need anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep every night depending on their current health status. If you struggle to get this amount of sleep on a regular basis though, it may be time to explore natural sleep aids. Aside from traditional over-the-counter sleeping pills and pharmaceutical medications, CBD can act as a natural sleep aid. You may ask, ‘will CBD pills help me sleep?’ So far, research shows that CBD can help treat sleep disorders like insomnia while also delivering physical relaxation and calmness. Keep reading so you can answer the question, ‘will CBD pills help me sleep?’ and reasons why.

Importance of Sleep

Nowadays, because of technology and numerous evolving electronic devices, countless individuals are getting less sleep than they used to. There are also lots of distractions in this fast-paced society, especially when stress is involved. Regardless of how stressed you are, getting an adequate amount of sleep each night is essential. When you sleep enough, your body thanks you by functioning properly and allowing you to reach your full potential. Despite what your age, race, gender, and ethnicity is, everyone needs to get enough shut eye every night.

Surprisingly, humans spend up to one-third of their lives sleeping. Although this may seem like a long time, it is essential to prioritize sleep even when you do not want to. It turns out that sleep has a close link to these areas: immune function, mood, metabolism and weight, memory, and cardiovascular health. When you do not sleep enough, your body can suffer in any of these areas. Thus, it is crucial to put your health and well-being first by sleeping at least seven hours per night.

Will CBD pills help me sleep? Keep reading.

Traditional & Non-Traditional Sleep Aids

After understanding how important sleep is, how many hours do you get each night? Do you get enough shut eye on a regular basis, or does it vary? Perhaps you struggle with a sleep disorder like insomnia or sleep apnea like millions of people do. Or, maybe you have so many responsibilities that you cannot put enough time aside to sleep. Regardless of your current sleep situation, there are various medicines that can be used as sleep aids.

Sometimes, people are prescribed pharmaceutical medications to help them sleep. Whereas, others prefer taking over-the-counter sleeping supplements as more of a natural route. However, many traditional sleeping medications can deliver adverse side effects. It is also possible for certain sleeping medications to be addictive.

If you want to get a natural helping hand in the area of sleep, consider trying CBD. Not only is this cannabinoid medically and therapeutically beneficial, but it can also deliver physical relaxation.

Supportive Research of CBD Being a Potential Sleep Aid

All humans and mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). It regulates various functions and systems of the body with the intention of achieving homeostasis. In 2016, it was discovered that a properly balanced ECS works to control sleep. Thus, many researchers believe that the consumption of CBD could work as a sleep aid. Another study that was conducted in 2013 displayed interesting findings. It was discovered that CBD had an affect on the sleep quality of mice. These results indicate that frequent CBD usage could improve REM sleep while also lengthening the duration of sleep.

With this being said, would you rather try CBD, a natural form of medicine to help you get an adequate amount of sleep? Or, would you rather consume pharmaceutical sleeping pills that may deliver side effects and a chance of addictiveness? The choice is yours. If you choose to go the natural route though, keep reading to learn more about Infinite CBD’s CBD isolate and P.M. capsules.

CBD Sleep Aid: Traditional Isolate Capsules and P.M. Capsules

If you wish to receive help with sleeping in the form of a natural medicine, CBD may be for you. Some individuals do not wish to inhale cannabis or CBD. Fortunately, there is a beneficial alternative, which is orally ingesting the cannabinoid. We at Infinite CBD offer CBD isolate capsules and P.M. capsules that can be swallowed wherever and whenever.

Additionally, there are various strengths to choose from. Thus, it is important to understand your exact reasons for consuming CBD. If your purpose of consuming CBD is for its sleep aid benefits, CBD P.M. capsules may be the best place to start. However, if you are interested in all around physical, mental, and emotional relief, standard CBD isolate capsules could be the winner.

What is the main difference between CBD P.M. capsules and regular CBD isolate capsules though? The P.M. capsules contain both CBD isolate and melatonin. Whereas, the regular CBD isolate capsules do not contain any melatonin. However, both CBD capsules can deliver numerous medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of Regular CBD Isolate Capsules

In addition, the regular CBD Isolate Capsules could provide you with benefits in many areas of your life. Although this capsule does not contain melatonin, it can still help you relax and achieve tranquility. Fortunately, CBD contains a plethora of therapeutic and medicinal properties. For example, some of CBD’s most well-known benefits include its analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-spasm, anti-depressant, and antioxidant properties.

If you want to try the regular CBD isolate capsules, they come in milligrams of 10, 25, and 100. Also, after you consume a CBD capsule of your choice, allow roughly 30-100 minutes for the effects to fully set in. However, everybody is different. Therefore, it is recommended to experiment to see the length of time it will take for CBD’s effects to kick in. It is important to remember that CBD’s effects will typically last longer as compared to when other consumption methods are used.

Suggested Times to Consume CBD Capsules & Main Ingredients

It is suggested to consume a CBD isolate capsule as needed. However, mornings and evenings work well for most users. This alternative form of medicine can simply be added into your usual medicine regime. For instance, you can take a CBD capsule in addition to your multi-vitamins or other supplements. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and non-addictive, there is no need to worry about the medicine consuming you or getting you high. Additionally, CBD delivers little to no side effects aside from occasional drowsiness/sleepiness and/or an upset stomach.

Although the CBD isolate capsule contains mostly CBD isolate, there are two other ingredients. These include powdered coconut oil, and the capsule itself is made from gelatin. This product was also lab-tested to ensure that it is safe, pure, and of the highest quality. If you want to try these CBD capsules, there are various sizes to choose from, which are listed below.

-30 count of 10, 25, and 100 milligrams

-50 count of 10, 25, and 100 milligrams

-100 count of 10, 25, and 100 milligrams

The prices of these capsules vary based on the size you purchase. The minimum price starts at $20.64, and it goes up to a maximum price of $370.08.

CBD P.M. Capsules

You may still be pondering the question of, ‘will CBD pills help me sleep?’ If so, you may be wondering if the CBD isolate capsules or P.M. capsules would help more. Since the CBD P.M. capsules contain melatonin, it is likely that they can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Although melatonin supplements are commonly used to help with sleep, the body could stop responding to it if too much is consumed. Also, melatonin supplements do not work for everyone. When CBD is combined with melatonin though, beneficial results can be attained.

The CBD P.M. capsules can work wonders for those who need to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. Each capsule contains a three-milligram dose of melatonin. The intention of using this ingredient is to help increase the amount of melatonin in the body. As a result, individuals have a better chance of achieving a good night’s rest without frequent disturbances or distractions.

Supportive Benefits of CBD P.M. Capsules & Main Ingredients
Thus far, it has been found that CBD and melatonin serve a useful purpose in regulating both REM and NREM sleep cycles. Also, melatonin contains a variety of benefits aside from acting as a natural sleep aid.

Furthermore, the main ingredients found in the P.M. CBD capsules include CBD isolate, melatonin, and powdered coconut oil. As with others, this product was lab-tested to ensure that it is safe, pure, and of the highest quality. If you want to try the P.M. capsules, there are different sizes to choose from, which are listed below.

-30 count of 25 or 100 milligram capsules

-50 count of 25 or 100 milligram capsules

-100 count of 25 or 100 milligram capsules

The prices of the P.M. capsules vary based on the size you purchase. However, the minimum price starts at $38.76, and it goes up to a maximum price of $385.29.

Improve Your Life By Trying CBD Capsules

Whether you struggle with a sleep disorder, have difficulty falling asleep, or you cannot stay asleep for long, CBD capsules could certainly help. In particular though, the CBD P.M. capsules could act as a much-needed sleep aid while also delivering other medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Do you want to stop tossing and turning for hours and stop waking up feeling tired? If so, give CBD capsules a shot, and witness the boost of energy you feel after getting a great night’s rest.